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10 Things You Use Every Day That Can Make You and Your Family Sick (and the solutions we have found).

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Here you’ll find out how to live a greener, healthier life in a way that is simple, fun and interesting.  Clean the chemicals and toxins out of your home, discover fascinating companies and products that can help you in ways you never imagined!  Sign up here for your gift for stopping by - a report on 10 Things You Use Every Day That Can Make You and Your Family Sick (and the solutions we have found), and get our GreenVillageGreen Gazette e-newsletter too.  Enjoy our blog, check out our effective green products. Ask for what you’d like to see here. There’s lots to come including a book and classes. You can even consult with Carol if you’d like extra special one-on-one step-by-step guidance on your “clean up” journey.

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All Purpose Toxin-Free Cleaner - so simple, one product for just about every need.

We use this for streak-free cleaning and glass (1/8 teaspoon in a Windex sized bottle), all purpose, laundry, dish washing, counter tops, floors (1:5 dilution). Get a 10 page document with all its uses. See more info here.


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Pet Food Delivered to Your Door

The quality dry dog and cat food my animals eat is a great price and is delivered! Doesn't get much easier and it's green.

More details here and a short interview.

The Wonderful Doggie Doo Drain Is Back!

Hurray for the Doggie Doo Drain, the easiest and safest way to discard dog (and cat) poo! I thought the company had shut its doors and we’d be without the wondrous DDD, and then, at the end of January I received an email, and it is back!

This dog poop solution is inexpensive, just screws into place, needs no care and attention except, perhaps, a little water, and your pet poop is treated in a safe, green way. Use for one small animal, or multiple large dogs!


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