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What is Weatherizing and Why Should I Care?

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Here you’ll find out how to live a greener, healthier life in a way that is simple, fun and interesting.  Clean the chemicals and toxins out of your home, discover fascinating companies and products that can help you in ways you never imagined!  Sign up here for your gift for stopping by - a report on weatherizing: what is it and why should you care, and get our GreenVillageGreen Gazette e-newsletter too.  Enjoy our blog, check out our effective green products.  Ask for what you’d like to see here There’s lots to come including a book and classes.  You can even consult with Carol if you’d like extra special one-on-one step-by-step guidance on your “clean up” journey.  The first Green Village Green Home Summit was held in Knoxville on October 22nd 2016.  The next is planned for September 2019.  Details of what we offered in 2016 coming soon here.

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Date: 4/23/2018 12:00 AM EDT

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Posted by Carol Montgomery

Date: 8/15/2015 1:06 PM EDT

Hello, I'm Carol and this is the Green Village Green blog!

Driving back from my final SM class (Social Media, not the other SM - although sometimes it feels rather similar) with the terrific Mark Schaefer (I’ve done the course twice now - it takes time to fit it all together to even begin to do it!), Gustav Holst’s the Planet Suite was playing on NPR.  Any two bars and I instinctively recognize the piece.  Parts of it are so lovely that it almost hurts.

This is music I was weaned on and it brought to mind other ‘achingly beautiful’ inspirations: a ‘warm’ rain-laden wind and heavy grey skies on a November afternoon in England, which would make my teenage soul sing as my border collie and I would head into it, hair and fur swirling; gazing on almost anywhere in my beloved Yorkshire Dales in almost any weather. 

Yorkshire Dales landscape

Ancient drovers' road in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, north-west England.

And now I’m thrilled by the distant Smokey Mountains shimmering above a particular stretch of early morning lake near my home.

I don’t often watch television - no time and not a lot of interest - but when I do it’s almost always PBS.  Last Sunday, switching on unusually early at 7pm, I stumbled upon "Celtic Pilgrimage" and was instantly riveted.  That familiar wonderful aching of the soul swept me up for the whole hour and paralyzed me with the joy of it.  The presenter, John O’Donohue, an Irish writer, philosopher and retired priest, shared why his corner of rural Ireland and its people moved him and I related completely.  The open, wild landscape reminded me of home.  The Welsh have a word for it, hiraedd (pronounced hirayth), which I’ve always understood to mean a delicious yearning for the sights, smells, feelings of the home-country, experienced even when you’re there.  I immediately went online and bought the DVD and am longing to watch it again.

This visceral, gut-wrenching beauty which I experience with many senses has connected me at a primeval level with the incredible world we live on.  Environmental issues have, since childhood, been my main concern.  Why are so many petty matters of such contention when our very existence is threatened by our thoughtlessness?  But now I realize, heck, we’re still here!  Our planet is a lot more forgiving than I thought.

These days I see hope instead of doom.  Change is coming, but we can affect how that change happens, and remarkably quickly if we choose to.  So when Green Village Green came into my brain with a thunk, practically complete in its conception, I had to make it happen.  Green Village Green seeks to spread that hope, instigate personal engagement, and inspire change.

Join me by following my Green Village Green blog today!

What sparks your passion for the environment, sustainability, green, our beautiful planet?  Whatever you want to call it?



Posted by greenvillagegreen

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The Green Village Green Home Summit

Details to come for 2019.  Classes and exhibitors who can show you how you can save energy (and therefore money) and how to have a more comfortable and healthier home.  Let us know what you’d like to find out about. We’ll be very pleased to hear from you here.

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The quality dry dog and cat food my animals eat is a great price and is delivered! Doesn't get much easier and it's green.

More details here and a short interview.

The Wonderful Doggie Doo Drain Is Back!

Hurray for the Doggie Doo Drain, the easiest and safest way to discard dog (and cat) poo! I thought the company had shut its doors and we’d be without the wondrous DDD, and then, at the end of January I received an email, and it is back!

This dog poop solution is inexpensive, just screws into place, needs no care and attention except, perhaps, a little water, and your pet poop is treated in a safe, green way. Use for one small animal, or multiple large dogs!


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