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What is Weatherizing and Why Should I Care?

Easy ways to lower your utility bill.


Meet Carol Montgomery - Founder & CEO

Growing up in Britain, with a large vegetable garden and parents who composted and recycled everything they could lay their hands on, potted acorns and then planted their little oak trees wherever they could, (long before anyone knew what a carbon footprint was), Carol couldn’t help but be passionate about our beautiful planet.

An M.A. from Manchester led to 14 years as an art teacher. She has been a potter in the UK, a PE teacher in Bangladesh (don’t ask!), a successful watercolor artist in Oman, and spent 10 years as a natural wellness consultant in Washington DC. Now in East Tennessee her entrepreneurial streak has taken wing - she has finally has given birth to Green Village Green LLC, which, when it becomes a household name in the US, she plans to expand globally.

She loves her family, her friends and her animals, which included the lawn-mowing sheep, Seamus and Finnegan (having moved on to greener pastures with a herbalist friend), her home in the Yorkshire Dales, interesting old buildings, natural beauty of every kind, and life in general.

Our Vision

We need our beautiful world but it doesn’t need us.  We have been rapidly messing up our habitat for years.  Green Village Green seeks to inspire people who are not yet green to live more healthily and gently on the planet.

Our Mission

  • To make the information we offer easy to find, friendly and fun.
  • To connect you to green businesses and resources in your area and nationally.  We think it is important to promote the folk, local and national, who provide these vital green products and services.
  • To build a library of classes, webinars and books.
  • To inspire each individual who has not yet begun, nationally and then worldwide, to take the first step to sustainable living and making our planet a better place to live… and then the next step, and the next…

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