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GVG Home Summit Free Homeowner Classes

and Professional Classes ($10)


Choose the class/classes below that you plan to attend on Saturday 22nd October 2016.  

Classes are free for homeowners and $10 for contractors, handymen and women, and professionals (realtors, home inspectors, mortgage providers, etc.) and you are encouraged to register for your favorites below as we expect them to fill up.  Registered attendees will be seated first (so you are encouraged to get to the room no later than 5 minutes before to insure you have a seat) - extra spaces will be filled a couple of minutes before the class begins.  Just show up after registration closes on October 13th.

Make sure you make a note of the class time as there are three classes in each time slot.  We'll add more details as they become available.  We plan fun, informative classes taught by experts with time for Q and A at the end.

Choose your classes below or just show up.
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No charge for homeowners classes.

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to sign in for your secured seat.  At 5 minutes to the class start we will open entry to those on the waiting list, and then for those who haven't signed up here.  We plan to start right on time.

10.30am.  Class 1.  Energy Efficiency - how to save on utilities and gain on comfort.   Jennifer Alldredge 

Learn how you can save energy and therefore money, without losing comfort.  In fact you'll be improving your home comfort and often your family's health.  Some tasks take minutes and no cost, some most people can do themselves at little cost, and some will cost more but pay back over time.  Learn how to get rebates on some projects too.

Jennifer Alldredge (Alliance to save energy), has helped hundreds of householders know just what to do to make their homes more energy efficient, healthy and comfortable.   She's fun and you'll enjoy this class.  There will be time for Q and A during the last 10 minutes.  

10.30am.  Class 2.  Healthy homes - Indoor Clean Air - how to breathe clean air at home


We'll cover toxic chemicals you unknowingly bring into your home, including air fresheners and scented candles, cleaning products and furniture, and how these can affect your family's and pets' health and wellbeing.  Then you'll learn about substitutes you can use, sometimes saving you money, and other options available to you.  There will be time for Q and A during the last 10 minutes.

10.30am.  Class 3.  Kitchens and Bathrooms - what you should know when renovating or building.
What you should know when renovating or building your kitchen or bathroom in order to save energy and water, use the healthiest appliances and materials without sacrificing design or your budget.  The panel is expected to include an interior designer, a plumber, an appliance expert, a counter and cabinets expert and a water filter expert.  There will be time for Q and A during the last 10 minutes.

1.30pm.  Class 4.  Renovating - Nursery, retirement or just an update


What you should know when renovating - for retirement, for a new baby, even a new pet, or just because.  Experts will explain energy saving ideas, the healthiest materials to use and how to choose a contractor.  The panel is expected to include a green contractor, a seniors renovation expert, a baby and nursery expert.  There will be time for Q and A during the last 10 minutes.

1.30pm.  Class 5.  Sustainable Landscaping


Want to know how to have a beautiful yard/garden you can eat from and what fruits and vegetables do best in our area; harvest rainwater for irrigation to save on water bills; plant indigenous plants and trees that work best in our area, or the best way to compost?  How much land will you need or what you can do this all without a yard?  Listen to our panel which is expected to include a sustainable edible landscaper, a rainwater harvesting and irrigation expert, a UT Extension expert, and a Tennessee Smart Yards educator.  There will be time for Q and A during the last 10 minutes.  

1.30pm.  Class 6.  Realtors, Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers - what you should know and what's coming.   $10


Be aware of the trends that are coming, what are your clients starting to ask for, how can you help your buyers know what is important, and more.  Our panel is expected to include a green realtor, a codes expert and a green home building expert.

3.00pm.  Class 7.  Contractors - how to offer green and energy efficient techniques, and how to sell this to your clients.  $10


Contractors and handymen and women - how to add green and energy efficient techniques to how you work, and how to make it pay.

There is plenty of work in our area for contractors who can build, renovate, and update homes using green and sustainable techniques.  Learn if this is for you and where to find the work.  Also how to sell green updates to your present and new clients.  There will be time for Q and A during the last 10 minutes.

3.00pm.  Class 8.  Getting Off The Grid - Is it possible to have a net-zero home?

Do you want to go solar, use geothermal, or get off the grid completely?  Should you sell energy back to TVA or not?   How long will the investment take to pay you back and is it worth it?  Find out answers here and bring your questions.  For experienced or beginner renewable energy homeowners.  The panel is expected to include a solar expert, a geothermal expert, and a homeowner who has successfully lived in a net-zero home.  There will be time for Q and A during the last 10 minutes.  

3.00pm.  Class 9.  Historic Homes v New Green Homes


Do you love old homes?  How should you go about upgrading it and making it energy efficient - and is it worth it?  Or would you prefer to build or buy new?  This class will discuss both options and give you lots of helpful information.  The panel is expected to include a green architect, an Energy Star rater, and an expert on historic houses.  There will be time for Q and A during the last 10 minutes.

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