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What Is Green Village Green?

Here you’ll find out how to live a greener, healthier life in a way that is simple, fun and interesting.  Clean the chemicals and toxins out of your home, discover fascinating companies & products that can help you in ways you never imagined!  

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There’s lots to come including a book, classes, and a home summit. Consult with Carol if you’d like extra special one-on-one step-by-step guidance on your “clean up” journey.  

The Green Village Green Home Summit will be September 28, 2019, at the Clayton Performing Arts Center in Maryville TN.

What Can We Do For You Today? 

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Worried about the ‘flu? 

Disinfect your home, office, car with our hospital-grade, non-toxic, food-safe, highly effective and reasonably priced disinfectant/deodorizer spray.  

These products deal with bacteria, viruses, mold, strong odors, smoke, etc.

Contact us for more information.

Learn more about holistic
health solutions at DaoCloud

The Green Village Green Home Summit

Join us September 28, 2019, at Clayton Performing Arts Center in Maryville, TN

Classes & exhibitors will show you how to can save energy (and therefore money). They will help you learn ways for a more comfortable and healthier home.

Let us know what you’d like to find out about. We’ll be very pleased to hear from you here.

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Pet Food Delivered to Your Door

The quality dry dog and cat food my animals eat is a great price and is delivered! Doesn't get much easier and it's green.

More details here and a short interview.

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